Finally, the internet.

For someone who has spent all their working life using computers, it has taken me a surprising amount of time – an eon in fact – to sort out my web presence. Here it is at long last. A blog. Yep. Steady on, there.

First off, I’d like to say a huge big thank you to the lovely people at Leicester’s Culture Exchanges festival, who looked after me superbly when I shambled up there recently. De Montford University runs the festival once a year, and it is well worth searching out. I was asked to give an hour long talk on the general trickiness of writing, and trying to publish, children’s books. A storm raged outside as I tried my best to explain. It seemed to go down quite well with no one walking out (as someone did at my last talk – it’s possible he pushed off for a coffee, but who can tell?). And with the magic of ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ here are some of their blog-arama reactions and comments:

They also snapped a publicity pic of me with De Montford University’s Evie Manuel, member of the festival’s planning team, just before I went on stage.

I’m the one wearing the rather smashing blue jumper:













Anyhow, I think that’ll do for a start off. Now how do I publish this message…. errr… oh yes… I think it’s that button just there.


4 thoughts on “Finally, the internet.

  1. How kind Joshua. De Montfort University’s delighted you’ve mentioned your super Cultural Exchanges talk here on campus in Leicester city. Thanks again for taking part.

    You might be interested to know that we also offer innovative knitwear design as part of our cutting edge Fashion Design degree course…..and we have an expert on fashion colour prediction/trends too, so let us know if you want to expert advice on any more smashing jumpers for next season. Jo, De Montfort University.

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