Inspiration from space

This is a truly wonderful film from NASA (see link below). I love it. Alas, we’re all so used to seeing special effects in films, it somehow looks entirely fake to begin with. Then you realize what it is, and that it’s very real, and the clip begins to inspire and fascinate.

Technical matters – it’s a massive 150 mb HD movie clip so there’s no denying it will take a fair old time to download. I suggest you click on the link, switch on the kettle for a cheeky cup of tea, make tea, poke about in the cupboard for a biscuit or two, then return to your computer and with a bit of luck it will have downloaded. If you watch the clip to the end it is a curiously calming experience. How pretty the earth looks! How fast those astronauts are flying as they circle the earth every 90mins.

Click HERE for the 150mb HD version

If you’re short of time, or your internet connection isn’t so hot, then there’s the 20mb option. It’s not quite so impressive, and the link isn’t so easy to set up.

Click HERE for the not quite so inspiring 20mb option, then click on the ‘View Now’ link on the NASA page. This will also take a bit of time to download.



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