Operation Storm City launches in the USA

At long last, Operation Storm City (book 3 of my Guild Trilogy) hits the shelves in the USA – today! Before you ask, no, I don’t know what the delay was all about because it was published in France and the UK late last year. Publishers move in strange ways! Anyway, it’s out there now.

The story is even more action-packed than the last two (you’d expect nothing else), with Becca and Doug finally discovering what happened to their parents’ mysterious expedition to the deserts of western China, and why they went there in the first place. Phew!

There are some new bad guys in there – a crazy Russian general called Pugachev, hell-bent on a globe threatening scheme, as well as some of the old reliables such as Pembleton-Crozier and his shocking wife Lucretia.

Much of the action mirrors the places I travelled to in China (see retro-blogs various on this site), so if you want to read up on some of the background work that went into creating the book, please feel free. I’ve set up a Operation Storm City ‘Category’ for all of the related material (see left-hand side).

A few words on the illustrations. This was, I think, even more complicated to do than in the other two previous books, particularly the massive airship Becca and Doug board to cross the Himalaya Mountains. This took ages and ages and ages and ages to do! Never again

There’s also a huge pullout drawing at the back of the machine at Ur-Can as well as… planes… trains… you get the idea!

The book was great fun to do, and it is very exciting that the series is now complete. After five years of work, we’re finally there, and I really happy with the way everything has turned out.

You can read my Amazon interview on Operation Storm City HERE

I hope you enjoy it!


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