End of holidays!

No computers – for two whole weeks! Just sun and sailing in Devon. Superb. It only rained for two days, and that, my friends, is good going for an English summer.

I’m back at my desk in London and looking at a whole heap of work. Hmmmhh… I remember why I needed a holiday in the first place!

But things have been hatching while I’ve been away tacking and gybing (or jibing, if you prefer) aboard my lil’ boat, Pelican. I have just looked through The Great Space Race layout PDFs sent to me by art director Ben, the creative genius behind the Guild Trilogy.

While I’ve been away he has transformed the script into a book… a metamorphosis no less. It now looks like a real, proper thing you might buy in a shop rather than page after page of ink-jetted A4, although there are many, many blank pages and spaces for me to fill with illustrations. Very exciting. I can’t wait to get started on the final stage.

First part of the final stage is to finish off the blueprint designs for ‘Ginger Streak’ – the main rocket in the book. Construction timetabled for next week so I need to get a move on. I’ll keep you posted with pictures, etc…

As for the elusive title of my next book project, (still living with the woeful title of ‘Novel Five’) I’ve narrowed it down to about 10 possible ideas, none of which are quite right. The search continues.

On a slightly broader point, anyone who has read my China retro-blogs might be interested in the latest news from Urumqi, Xinjiang (Sinkiang) province, where I stayed while researching Operation Storm City. The BBC is reporting 140 killed and 800 people injured in protests there. The news reports seem to be filmed outside what looks suspiciously like the hotel I stayed in.


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