Novel 5 gets a code name

British Black Arrow Rocket Engines

Ahhhhhhhhh… after a week of working flat out on Space Race, doing a front cover illustration for my Dad’s new book (title still unknown to me, but it’s on Dreadnaught battleships), and the plot for my new book, I’ve given in and had a tidy up. Yep, my desk contents are no longer overflowing onto the floor.

Exciting news. Book 5 now has a new title (to be announced after any future deal is done – sorry!). I brainstormed the naming issue to a point where I wasn’t really getting anywhere, then by chance saw a poster advertising a concert…  giving me a clue… tee-dum-tee-dee… then after a few more hours chewing pencils and gazing at the flood damaged walls and ceilings (my flat has been flooded countless times this year for reasons so excruciatingly dull I won’t bother to explain)  I hit upon it. Perfect. All without having to resort to sitting on a Routemaster Bus (see previous posts). With so much Swine Fever about, probably a more healthy way to work.

I had a cup of tea with my agent Clare yesterday morning. She had a few excellent thoughts on the new book’s plot. She didn’t like my first title – General Titus – hence the recent weeks of agony, but loves the new one. I’ll call it by the codename DS until any deal deal is done. So from GT (General Titus) to DS.

Meanwhile, work on the Space Race illustration is well underway. I’ve been scribbling away and photoshopping pages together. All good fun. I was hoping to get down to Canterbury to see the man about the rocket nosecones this week, but fate has kept us apart so far. Looking good for next week, however.


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