Rocket Build – Part 1

Here are some pictures of the rocket for The Great Space Race under construction. It’s at about the halfway stage. It still needs to be bolted together, finished and painted to make it look real.

The idea with this is that it is essentially a film prop – a photographic miniature – although it is over 9ft tall. It needs to be this big to look realistic.

The plan is to recreate the launch by firing CO2 through the engines. This will produce the correct look and feel to the exhaust ‘smoke’. In the Great Space Race, the scene takes place at night, so I will have to build and light a set outdoors to recreate this. I can then put it together in Photoshop to add additional effects. I should point out that the rocket won’t actually fly, fun though that would be. It is too big for a start, and it may take several goes to get the shot just right. I intend hoisting the rocket skywards with fishing wire and a winch mechanism.

My dad has directed the build. He is a craftsman of huge talent, and normally builds scale models of Victorian battleships – I should point out not from kits, but from the original shipyard plans. He has written books about this and is an Honorary Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. In other words, he has an excellent workshop and very sharp tools!

We hope to finish the build next week. The night shoot/launch should follow soon after. Updates as and when, of course.


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