Rocket Build – Part 2

Progress on the rocket has been delayed by weather – rain, rain, rain. However, here are the latest pictures taken yesterday.

I’ve been in London for the last few days, but Dad pushed on with the internal CO2 plumbing and making the bayonet fittings so the body and nose cones can be taken apart for transport.

It’s all coming together, though. I made the outer cooling jacket from corrugated cardboard stuffed with barbecue sticks to give it some strength. Other barbecue sticks and doweling have been stuck to the outer body for external detail.

Then I began to slowly build up the undercoat with a gray primer. Once that was dry, the top coats were added – silver for the main body and mostly off-white for the side boosters, upper stages and the main nose cone. All this was done with standard car paints, but I had to buy a graffiti artist’s supply of cans to do it.

The rocket needs to look like it has been stored since 1974, so l think I need to add ‘rust’ in the final finish.

Looking good though, and big thanks to my Dad for making everything line up properly.

I hope to complete the build and do the final photo shoot in the next few days – just as long as the rain holds off!


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