I’ve been working away on Space Race illustration for the last couple of weeks. I’m very near the end now, and all’s going really well (I think!). Up at 5.15am most mornings in the dash for the finish line. Really pleased with it all, and will upload some more bits and pieces soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a short movie clip taken by me a couple of years back of my boat. I was motoring up from Salcombe, Devon, England to Kingsbridge to have a haircut. This was shot early in the early morning of an utterly beautiful day… but in a flat calm, so I was running on the outboard engine (I have oars, but it was a long, long, long way to row). She’s a Walker Tideway 12, about 45 years old, and has a clinker wooden hull with gunter-type sailing rig. She’s lovely to sail, especially single-handed. Not fast, but there again she’s not likely to tip you out in a sudden squall.


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