Invasion Beaches of Normandy

Just back from a short three day holiday to Normandy, France. Lots of lovely food, shopping, and a quick tour of the 1944 invasion beaches… and catching up on much needed sleep.

I’ve posted up some snaps of some of the more dramatic locations visited. These do give the impression that all we* did was tour German bunkers and beaches! Not so! Pre-Christmas shopping and long meals at the superb restaurants of Bayeux took up quite a high proportion of the trip, but these, alas, don’t make such exciting pictures.

We stayed at the Lion d’Or, where photographs of previous guests crowd bar. These mugshots are an incredible record of the famous: everyone from British royalty to Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have stayed there (or are Hanks and Spielberg Hollywood royalty, therefore the same thing?) They all seem to be grinning like mad for some reason. Perhaps they’d tried the excellent grub in the restaurant.

The battlefield sites were of course very moving, made more so by it being Armistice Day last Wednesday when we were there. There’s certainly lots to see over there for history fans.

Next week I launch the final offensive on the Space Race illustration. Yikes! I’m sure the holiday will quickly become a distant memory.

*we = me and the future Mrs Mowll.


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