Sailing in Salcombe

I’ve had a request for more boat footage of my Walker Tideway 12. This time I’m sailing single-handed rather than motoring (see earlier post), once again in beautiful Salcombe, Devon, England.

I’d reefed the sail, and was trying to operate the tiller, main sheet and the camera, all without capsizing. This is why it’s all a bit shaky. The spring tides can be tricky through this spot and will happily drag you into the moored yachts, but by the looks of things it was high water.

I’m really keen to sail up the River Thames next year. It would make a luscious voyage through the heart of England. I just need to find 2 weeks to do it (I’m not sure I have 2 weeks spare, so this could torpedo the idea, alas… alack… grumble…).

She’s such a great boat. All varnished mahogany and teak with the wonderful patina of age. It’s a bit like sailing along in a rather beautiful piece of furniture. Last year a chap ran up to me on the beach and offered to buy her there and then. I sent him away disappointed, but he seemed intent of finding one. I hope he was successful.

Fans of Operation Typhoon Shore might notice the similarity between my boat and Powder Monkey. Hmmmhh…!