Making Documentaries

I’ve just finished making some short web documentaries, or ‘webisodes’, with director Steve Friendship about how I work as an illustrator and writer .

The idea is that each of these 5 films will be about 5 minutes long. They will be focusing on different aspects of my work, and how I take an idea from a scribbled note to a finished book. These will hopefully show you and everyone else a little bit more about me and my life as a working novelist and illustrator.

So my tiny flat, (or apartment… call it what you will!) became a studio for the day, with lights, cameras and tripods fighting for space. It was quite a squeeze.

It took a good hour to set everything up, then we worked through the running order trying to establish how we should go about shooting each of the webisodes. It quickly became a very busy morning of takes and re-takes with regular breaks for cups of tea.

In the afternoon we took a taxi to Walker Books (my UK publishers), where we were able to film my editors and the art director talking my books, as well as some getting some shots of the publicity department who are just beginning to get ready for launch Space Race next August.

It was the first time everyone has seen the recently completed Space Race in proof form, so a great moment to capture on film. (The book looks good! Everyone seems very happy with it! Phew!)

Then back to my flat to shoot the last 2 films, finishing at about 8pm in the evening. A long day, but I hope we have some good results.

I plan to upload the films to YouTube once Steve has edited them down. This may take a few weeks, but I will let you know once they are available. I’ll post them here on my blog as well, of course.

Many thanks to Steve who worked so hard and for all the Walker Books team who agreed to help.


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