Skiing in Austria

I’ve been away in Mutters, Austria learning to ski! Yikes. My first time, and for the first few days it was pretty terrifying. Great fun, though, and a really beautiful location.

So two weeks away from my desk eating far too much food and trying not to injure myself, but now I’m back, and working hard on book 5.

I’ve lots of new ideas on the first 10,000 words and the general structure of the book, and have been editing and refining ahead of sending it to my literary agent next week for her thoughts.

So I’ve added lots, deleted lots, and generally done what one has to done to a first draft – been a little bit brutal and cruel. The first thing I did on my return was to cut out the waffle as much as I could. I’ve been sharpening the chapter endings, and strengthening the fear factor as well. It’s a big plot, though. Should be good.

The other news (via Walker Books marketing department) is that it looks like I shall be attending quite a few UK literary festivals over the coming summer to promote The Great Space Race. More information to follow when I get some dates.

I’ve also been writing tracks for the Space Race album – more loud guitars and harmonica. This doesn’t feel like work, but it is really, and it certainly breaks up the day from all that first draft editing.


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