Rocket build film

What a strange couple of months – there’s not been much writing going on, alas, but plenty of guitar playing. I’ve also been doing lots and lots of freelance illustration, mostly for newspapers, but that stuff doesn’t make for especially good blog reading. It pays the bills though.

My new writing shed is now up and running. Here’s a pic, so you can see where I work:

I’ve lined the insides to keep the thing warm, put a ceiling in, dug up the garden so I could run a power cable out to it… you get the idea. Despite all this, it’s been such a cold May here in the UK that my computer screen refuses to work first thing in the morning until I’ve warmed the place up. Took me a bit to figure that out.

The good news is I have almost completed the music for The Great Space Race. This has been such a wheeze to do, though it saps so much time! I need to write just one more tune, record some live drum tracks, then do the final mix.

I also need to put some whacking great guitar feedback overdubs on. Yeah! This means finding a remote location and turning up the volume to 10 (or is that 11?) so I can record the results. I can’t do this where I live because there would be complaints! I therefore need to speak nicely to my brother who lives in the countryside. I’d like to get it all finished by the middle of June ready for release. More news as and when… the album does however Rock with a capital R.

In the meantime, I’ve just finished editing the rocket build film.

I really hope you like it: CLICK HERE TO VIEW