A few words about who I am:

I’m the author of : Operation Red Jericho, Operation Typhoon Shore, Operation Storm City and The Great Space Race.

My Guild Trilogy (the first three books above) have been published in 20 countries worldwide.

On publication Operation Red Jericho won the prestigious Poppy Red Award for Innovation in Children’s Books at the British Book Trade Awards, (2006).

Operation Typhoon Shore was listed one of the UK Government’s 160 recommended reads for teenage boys in 2007.

The books were well received, with Operation Red Jericho being the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week during September 2005.

You can read more about me here:


Check out my Great Space Race website here:


I am also a graphic artist and illustrator. My current portfolio can be viewed here:



6 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks very much for your kind message, and thank you for the review as well!

      I’ve spent the day dealing with a flooded kitchen, so your comment has quite cheered me up.


  1. I’ve recently read the trilogy again and it is absolutely amazing series, may I ask, What gave you the ideas about what happens? It just seems so un-thinkable. My Mum read the first book to me as a bed time book, but she only got halfway before I decided she was reading to slowly, now I think all my families read it.

    • Thanks for reading the trilogy again. Well done! It’s great to hear you enjoyed it a second time around.

      As for you ‘ideas’ question, all I can say is I work hard at it, and start quite early in the mornings (5.30am at the moment – grrrrrrrrrr!). Staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering what to write next is always both thrilling and terrifying in about equal parts, with the scales always tipped slightly towards terrifying in the morning, and with luck, thrilling by the end of the day. There is no secret to it, but I always stick to the rule that I should be writing the sort of story that I would have enjoyed when I was young… plus lots of maps… and secret tunnels… and crazy machines… and scary bad guys… and more crazy machines… and more scary bad guys… you get the idea.

      Tomorrow, I start work building a 9 foot tall rocket for The Great Space Race (my next book) so it isn’t all staring a bits of paper hoping something will happen!


  2. Dear Joshua Mowll,

    I’ve already read book 1 and 2 of the Guild Trilogy and book 3 is on my bed table. Therefore, I do have a question: I will certainly review the series on my newly created blog (www.nothing-more-delightful.de – ok, it’s in German) and since I was so impressed with the illustrations I was wondering if it was possible to insert one or two of the illustrations in the blog post to show how the books look like. That would be really great!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, please use the illustrations for your blog, and thank you for writing to ask. I wish you every success with ‘www.nothing-more-delightful.de’. If you want to ask me some questions about the trilogy I’d be happy to do a written interview, but you’ll have to translate it into German!
      Best wishes,
      Joshua Mowll

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